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Indian Head Massage

Start :               Wed 31st January, Thursday 1st Feb & Friday 2nd Feb


Fee:                 395


Certification;   Holistic Centre of Excellence


Approved by;  ARCHTI


Qualifies for:   Professional Insurance





This intensive 3day training course is open to anyone over the age of 16.  Those who wish to use it professionally will also require a separate qualification in Anatomy & Physiology.   


If the Student wishes to receive a Practitioner Certification, the student must document 15 Case Studies, and complete a written paper once they have attained the pass rate or higher they receive Certification from Holistic Centre of Excellence for Indian Head Massage Practitioner- this is approved by ARCHTI, and accepted for Professional Insurance.

This course is also accepted for CPD points.


This training is taught Holistically, incorporating the Energy Centers and including an introduction to Ayurveda.  We teach is as it practiced in Indian, with the client fully clothed and seated in a chair.  This makes it a wonderful therapy to use in Corporate and Public environments.




  1. History of Indian Head Massage
  2. Concept of Ayurveda
  3. Benefits of Indian Head Massage
  4. Understanding the use of oils
  5. Contra-Indications
  6. 40 hand movements
  7. Chakras
  8. Contra-actions