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Holistic Centre of Excellence
Ballyvoureen, Cappamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Phone: 061-381947
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Reiki Level 1



Start;               On-going


Fee;                 300


Certification:   Holistic Centre of Excellence


Approved by;  ARCHTI


Qualifies for;   CPD points


This training is open to everyone. 


It will teach you how to do a complete Reiki self-treatment.


We consider Reiki to be the cornerstone of self-care for everyone, especially for Therapists.  This course teaches you how to manage your energy system, so that you can protect and enhance your energy, in order to be the best




  1. History of Reiki
  2. Five Reiki Principles
  3. Lineage
  4. Chakra System
  5. Effect of Reiki on Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Aspects
  6. Contra-Indications
  7. Invocations
  8. Protection
  9. Self-treatment Procedure
  10. Recommend Reading
  11. Self-treatment CD
  12. Personal Journey Journaling