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Enhance Your Life

Start :               Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2017


Fee:                 350


Certification;   Holistic Centre of Excellence- Workshop


Approved by;  ARCHTI


Qualifies for:   CPD



This two day event will change your Life!


This course is open to everyone over 16.  International expert Dr Alessandra Betti leads this training, during which you will gain a positive attitude, re-zest your life, and realize your goals.


Here's what some of our participants said having completed Enhance Your Life

"WOW, Powerful, Wonderful !. The energy created during the 2 days was very powerful. I learned and reaffirmed my beliefs. I will take what I have learned and use it. I believe that I have huge potential in many ways, I feel empowered. There are no limitations to my capabilities and I feel privileged to have been with this group."


"Energised and great attitude as a result of completing this workshop, very positive and open. Looking forward to what is going to happen in my life. Peaceful and accepting of things that have happened and know that I have learnt from these. I have the power within me to change my life and make things that I want happen."


"Extremely enriched. Empowered in the areas I needed. Looking forward to more goal setting and achieving. I have gained alot of valuable knowledge. Interesting and new ways of seeing things were introduced to me."

"Equipped to deal with life's issues. Belief in myself. Focused on my talents and positive aspects."


Before- “ Cynical, Unsure and Apprehensive”

After; “Top Quality Trainer, Good Exercises, Made Life-Long Friends. Clear Objective and I a have a motivation for the rest of my life”

Before- “I feel very anxious, my throat feels tight, my tummy feels sick”

After- “I feel like a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m radiant and at peace, my future is bright, and I’m enriched by these last two days. Thank you”

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Here's what some of our Full time graduates said about the course:

       “Most definitely this course met my expectations- What a year-it was all I expected and so much more.  I expected to learn all the skills of the therapies, what I didn’t expect was the Massive personal development I have gone through and survived.  Especially learning to be the true me.” Thank you


        “It has been an amazing year, I did not realise how much I would develop on a personal level, it was difficult at times but I would change none of it. I have a new confidence in myself and a new belief in my future and am excited about life again.  Thank you so much for giving me one of the most wonderful experiences in my life”


        “I could not have imagined a year like this or all the wonderful things it has taught me.  I am so happy with myself because of this course, I am so confident and amazing and I realise that now-I am in full health and no medication. Thank you for helping me become the person, I was meant to be”


        “My expectations did not even come near what this year has given me.  Self-belief, a future, good friends-who would expect these things from a 10 month course. Probably for the first time in my life, I am truly confident in myself. This course gave me courage, confidence, recognition of what and who I am, skills-multiple, and an organisation that I am proud to be part of”


         “Although I was not altogether sure of what to expect from the course at the outset, it has been without question better than any expectation that I could have had-It was such a “life learning” on so many levels and it will impact all of my life”