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Holistic Centre of Excellence
Ballyvoureen, Cappamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Phone: 061-381947
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Mission of Holistic Centre of Excellence

“To provide a top-class professional Centre of Excellence, with the primary focus being the personal development of the student, while simultaneously educating the student to the highest standard in the theory, practicalities and legalities of being a professional therapist.  Our aim is to train and prepare Holistic Therapists for the inevitable transition that the Healthcare System for the 21st century is already encountering. “

Our students will learn techniques/language to practice finding themselves, in order that they will then be equipped to assist their clients on the same journey.


Anna Gibson-Steel CEO:


Anna’s passion for the field of Holistic Therapies led her to create the Holistic Centre of Excellence, her passion is infectious, as anyone who has attended one of her lectures will confirm!  Her first exposure to Energy Medicine was in the late 1990’s, and since then she as accumulated vast experience as a tutor, therapist, lecturer, coordinator and course provider.


In 2016 she was invited to present “Stress the Underlying Cause of All Illness” at the International ICNM conference in Barcelona.


She also created the Internationally acclaimed 60 Second Panic Solution and released her second book “Stress Free Solutions to Becoming Stress Free”