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Holistic Centre of Excellence
Ballyvoureen, Cappamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Phone: 061-381947
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Established in 2004, our mission is to- “Serve as a bridge between the valuable ancient wisdom of Energy Medicine and our modern Western Medical System, to enable a merging of these essential expertise, in order to create a system of Holistic Healthcare suitable for the 21st century.”

There are many ways in which we are facilitating this, with new methods emerging almost daily! Which makes this the most exciting endeavour-listed here are some of our on-going systems, however if you have any suggestions please do contact us and let us know, as we are an open, forward thinking organisation, and we always welcome challenges!

Our services include:

Education Lectures

 For Corporations, Team Building, Colleges, Schools, Medical Communtiy

Non-profit Events;

Holistic Exhibitions, Complimentary Treatments for Charity Organisations, Free Education Lectures


Continuous Development for Therapists;

Study groups, support network, social events.


Information Distribution;

Hub for sharing information pertaining to the Holistic Field, including online Newsletter-


Holistic Centre of Excellence;

Highest grade professional training courses. For further info click Full time course


Research Program;

Conducting Official Research into the effects of CAM therapies for clients.


Private Consultations;

Our Tutors and Graduates operate Private Clinics contact us for a recommendation.