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Holistic Centre of Excellence
Ballyvoureen, Cappamore, Co. Limerick, Ireland

Phone: 061-381947
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Some of the 28 Affiliates of Hce.


We are priviliaged at HCE to have 28 affiliates, each of whom brings invaluable expertise from their specialised field within Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. Our affiliates each have their own private practice which ensures that their experience is current and constantly updated in this rapidly expanding field.

The Directors of HCE are the driving force behind our organisation, and their dedication to excellence is limitless, as they volunteer a vast amount of time to the ongoing development of Holistic Healthcare, both through the college and via our very active Outreach Program.

Our tutors are passionate about education, and this is of the utmost importance to HCE, from the College’s prespective as it is essential for the inspiration of our students, in order that they in turn can reach their full potential.

Our students each have a personal mentor for life, and each mentor has a min. of Reiki Master Teacher Qualification, although most mentors have many more qualifications also.  Our mentorship program is essential for the ongoing support to our students, after they have completed their initial trainings.  This is an ethos which has been fostered by our previous training organisation Harmony Holistic Therapies since 2004, a support system which all of our past students, particularly our Reiki Master Teachers still rely on today.

For further details on our affiliates please click on the Directors